Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010
-Caleb is almost one year old and is all over the place! We have a plastic playground set in our living room bcs we have a big living room and I have three rambunctious kids, so why not? (Well, actually it's part of our lovely decor and really adds a lot with its orange, yellow, pink and greenness!) Anyway, Caleb climbs up the slide in 2 seconds (like 3 1/2 feet high) and hangs out on top near a large hole and dances, which makes me nervous!
-Anabel (3 1/2) is whiny or girly (are they synonymous?). But she is cute and says the funniest things, oh, like "mommy, we are vaginas"! To which I respond, "Oh no honey we are NOT JUST vaginas;) We HAVE vaginas". We went with teaching her the 'proper' term (Tom's suggestion) and I don't know, maybe it backfired?!
-Ryan is such a big boy, when they turn 6 it's just like a transformation. He does a lot of things on his own, like drive the car when I'm tired, oh, no I mean, he can make a sandwich, pour a drink (unless it's a whole gallon of milk, although I'm sure he could do it, we won't let him try). Only the gallons that are at least half empty!
-Last night we went out to Big Bubba's Bad BBQ in Paso for my birthday. Yummy and fun. Ryan rode the Mechanical bull! Free meal for birthday girl, so total money spent $18. Well, then we went to Ross and spent what we saved on the dinner. Oh well. Oh, and Michaels. I bought a Monkey cake pan (w/40% off coupon=) for Caleb's b'day nxt week because Caleb IS my little monkey! Tom had gotten me a some cake decorating stuff for my birthday. He also made me a chocolate cake (from scratch). Also I got to order a PURPLE Le creuset cast iron pan (because they just don't have purple in the store, why not?). What a fun birthday for me=)
I am so blessed to have an amazing hubby and wonderful kids!